GreenLife is a way of building homes that goes well beyond the traditional. Here, new and innovative technologies are embraced that promote conservation, energy efficiency, and savings. GreenLife construction is renowned for offering low condo fees compared to other condos; ecologically friendly development; ground source (Geo-thermal) heating and cooling; on-grid electricity from solar arrays; on-grid electricity from wind turbines and solar street lighting.

Long before anyone began the conversation on conservation, Del Ridge Homes was investigating ways to create ecologically friendly developments. Communities that not only relied on themselves for their existence but gave back. Not only to their environment on a local and global scale, but to the residents themselves. Giving back increased efficiencies through decreased emissions and in turn, increased savings. The result was a journey that has saved homeowners thousands of dollars and conserved innumerable resources.

By embracing all we've learned in previous projects and digging for new and more effective solutions, GreenLife gives you a space that is the embodiment of both comfort and conservation. Through the advanced green technologies utilized in its construction to the peace of mind homeowners enjoy thanks to its minimal carbon footprint, and cost savings.

At Del Ridge, we believe you should settle for more, not less. As popular as the building industry’s efforts are to be sustainable, we should all be concerned that today’s energy efficiency standards only signal that changes have begun, not that significant change has arrived. To begin to make truly meaningful changes, we must begin by becoming more aware of the issues and what more we can do to change home building in Canada.
The current energy efficiency standard is just a “point-in-time” project for most home builders, something that’s in the here and now. But while some may suggest today’s standards are the final answer, nothing could be further from the truth.
As builders and developers, we are ideally positioned to have an impact on what the future brings. As an industry made up of constructors and innovators, we not only have this ability to enact change, but also the responsibility. So how can we possibly determine if our efforts are properly placed?

The Net Zero Promise

The goal of GreenLife is “Net Zero” which is commonly defined as: a building with zero net energy consumption and zero carbon emissions annually. But how? On top of each GreenLife building sits a solar photovoltaic (PV) array that captures between 42% to 100% of the GreenLife project’s annual operational energy. In instances where the building’s required energy is greater than the on-site production, the balance is supplied to the grid by way of clean, renewable energy from wind and solar farms throughout Ontario. This is our goal.

Enhanced ICF – insulated concrete forms enhanced with polystyrene for a complete wall sandwich value of R42, unlike the typical R20.

Roof Insulation of R80 compared to typical R20 – keeing a lid on your home.

Real Triple Glazed windows achieves up to R8 compared to R2.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling throughout costing a fraction of any other system out there.

Covered garage ramps eliminate wasteful energy to achieve snow melt from about 85000 kwhs/year, to nothing.

Heat Recovery Ventilators – providing fresh air on individual basis.

Wrapping hot water tanks reduce energy waste

LED lights are the only light bulbs used as well as motion sensoring in the suites and common areas.

Photo Voltaic Energy – making your building an energy producer.

Energy monitors are used to allow the owners to be aware of their consumption to keep costs low.


At GreenLife, our goal is to obtain operational energy from renewables such as wind and solar. But before turning the switch, we must turn our minds and efforts to conservation and intelligent building systems.

At GreenLife, we believe you need to know the facts in order to make an intelligent decision.

Our walls are different. They are built to a value of R42 instead of R20. And our roofs are different – R80 instead of R20.

Our windows achieve R8 instead of R2, and are triple glazed with frames that not only create thermal breaks, but react in unison with the glass. Our lighting is a combination of high efficiency LED and CFL’s and is motion sensored for all secondary systems.

The entire building is heated and cooled by geothermal technology with individual controls for the suite owners. Constant fresh air is supplied with separate Energy Recovery Ventilation. Within the building, smart GEO SPRING water systems absorb decant energy from hydro transformation and photo voltaic inversion, raising incoming ground water temperatures to about 80°F.

The balance of the energy for hot water is supplied on an electrical demand basis, thereby eliminating standby energies that are wasted to keep the water hot when not required. Efficient appliances are the norm. Access ramps to underground garages have always been enclosed, thereby saving large amounts of energy for snow melt. The cost becomes zero.

When the switch is turned on, the required operational energy of a GreenLife space is about 20% of a “normal” building. The resultant demand is satisfied by rooftop photo voltaic panels, and the balance from a remote GreenLife wind / solar facility.

Therefore the impact to the environment is nothing. But for the owner of a GreenLife residence, the impact of their investment in GreenLife building systems is substantial. Starting with lower condominium fees that are a fraction of any other development. And minimized energy bills; a reward for those who have invested in real change. And a drastically reduced home “MPG.”




For most, the role of builder/developer ends when the keys are handed over. At GreenLife Energy, our most exciting time is when the building is complete, owners move in, and our passion comes to life. It is at this point that we can now start to monitor the changes we have made in our most recent endeavour. In every building undertaken, GreenLife Energy utilizes the data collected to improve and refine this and future projects. The importance of data collection on individual and comprehensive systems cannot be understated as we consistently strive to do more and in turn, make a difference. For today and the future.

GreenLife’s current building portfolio is 6 strong and growing. The benefits of studying how the systems operate under real time analysis is ongoing and very rewarding as we strive to learn from past lessons and apply that knowledge moving forward.

Making the study of energy a focal point ensures us that the sustainable solutions are usually right under our nose. Just as understanding the need for sustainability guides us to mindful respect for major global problems, so too does the constant analysis of GreenLife building systems and their related energies. It better steers us towards relying on sustainable technologies for today’s life and tomorrow’s security.

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